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 Autumn Blog 2015 - 2016


We have had an out of this world start to the Autumn term as the Alligator class learnt about the Earth, Moon and Sun. We had great fun tracking shadows across a day and finding out why the length of a shadow changes. We also learnt about eclipses, why we have seasons and created some amazing fact files about the planets in our solar system. We even learnt how to describe the planets in French.


In Art, we studied Van Gogh and recreated his Starry nights picture. Please come and visit our classroom to see them on display.


We prepared tours to inform new parents about our school for the new reception parents open day and also created our own school prospectus.


We really enjoyed this year's Harvest Service. We wrote our own poem which we sang during the Harvest Service linked to our descriptive work on Autumn colours. We also enjoyed making the Harvest loaf with Mrs Emery. We were astounded to see so many bags of food donated to the Basics Bank and it took us two trips each to get them all into the collection vehicle.


Alligator dance Remembrance day
Our end of term dance show

     We joined the local community at

     the Remembrance Memorial Service

IMG 1076 Harvest loaf for website
Our first flight in OSCA (Owslebury School Club for Aeronautics)

 We made our Harvest loaf with Mrs Emery

      ready for the Harvest Church Service

We had a special afternoon with our Grandparents making moon buggies moon buggy 2

We invited our Grandparents to join us for an afternoon.

They helped us make our moon buggies.

RE debate 1 Carol Singing at Abbeyfield
We held a class debate in RE

     Carol Singing at

     Abbeyfield Residential Home


Spring Blog


This term we have learnt about mountains and volcanoes. We have focussed on mount Everest and Edmund Hillary's conquest of the highest mountain in the World. We have found out how techtonic plates shape our land and researched mountains of our choice for homework.

We became experimentors and called ourselves A.C.E.S (Alligator Class Explore Science). We learnt how solids and liquids can be separated using magnetism, sieving, filtration and evaporation. We also revised absorption and conduction of electricity.

For the second half of the term we are learning about the Maya Civilisation. We have borrowed the artefacts box from the Hampshire History Centre and have created our own museum. We are keen to learn about their diet, homes, religion, astronomy and maths and sports.

Science day 1  Science day 2 
 Testing for conductivity  Learning about sieving and filtration
 Maya research 1  Maya research 2
 We imagined we had entered a Maya temple to look for artefacts  This is a Maya calendar called a Habe






































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