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Autumn Blog 2015 - 2016

This half term the children have been learning about the Romans. The class received an artefacts box to begin the topic and the children pretended to be archaeologists, finding evidence to learn about Roman Life. The children also visited Fishbourne Roman Palace and took part in hands-on activities as a well as investigating Roman mosaics. When we returned to school, we started thinking about designing our own mosaics and the children made their own using wood work for a frame and small tiles to form symmetrical patterns. Our English linked closely to the topic and the children wrote historical stories focusing on ‘Cuda of the Celts’, they wrote diary entries as the characters and even became newspaper reporters producing some fantastic reports on the discovery of the mosaics at Fishbourne. To end our topic the children wrote information pages about the Roman army and they enjoyed dressing up on Roman Day as well as trying Roman food and transforming the classroom into a Roman museum to celebrate their work with parents and friends! Lion Pride have also been learning string instruments this half term and look forward to performing in a concert at the end of the term.


 Roman gladiators Roman food 
 We dressed up as Romans  We enjoyed tasting Roman food


Spring Blurb

In the Spring term Lion Pride class will be exploring the Anglo Saxons through a local study of Winchester’s history in our topic ‘Our Place is Ace’. In our history lessons we will be investigating Anglo Saxon settlement in Britain after the Romans left Britain. We will be investigating a group of Anglo Saxons from the Meon Valley as well as going on a trip to Winchester Cathedral to explore evidence of Anglo Saxon times. Our English lessons will be linked to our history topic through our unit on myths. The children will be focusing on the Viking myth – Beowulf and they will be creating their own mythical creatures and retelling the myth in their own way. They will also be writing information pages as a follow up from our trip about Anglo Saxon Winchester.

Through a unit on writing from a viewpoint, the children will be exploring the book, ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ and we will be creating our own class book published in a similar style. In Maths, the children will be exploring the four operations and fractions as well as problem solving within these units. In Science, we will be exploring electricity which will link to our D&T topic making a house alarm for the village hall in Owslebury. The children will be speaking to local residents to come up with a design which will benefit the community of Owslebury. This will link to our Geography topic in the second half term, exploring the local area of Owslebury and comparing the village to another place in the world.        

cathedral visit  
Our visit to Winchester Cathedral  

We really enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day!



















We loved playing hockey and taking part in a Junior Hockey Tournament!







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