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Autumn Blog 2015 - 2016

The Wolf Pack has shown real enthusiasm towards their learning from the very outset of the new school year.

Our overall topic for the first half term of the year was ‘The Works of Julia Donaldson’. In history the children began looking at an event within living memory (Royal Wedding), which led onto looking at the royal family as a whole and the succession through the use of a family tree. The Wolf Pack began looking at human and physical features in Geography at home and abroad through comparing the area of Owslebury and that of the hosts of the next Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro.

It has been a successful start to the year for Year 2 children as their swimming continues to progress well on their visits to the pool on Mondays with children moving up in groups and challenging themselves.


out door learning outdoor learning 2

        During outdoor learning, we listened to the sound of nature and used this

                          to inspire our own musical pieces

Wolf class read their stories to Elephant class 14 Wolf class read their stories to Elephant class 21
We wrote stories for Elephants Class to enjoy. This is us reading our stories to them.
wolves maths lesson Computing

We enjoy using our maths skills

to help each other learn

      We used the laptops to create

       some non-chronological reports


Spring Blurb

In the Spring Term the Wolf Pack Class have two topics of focus. The first is the Arctic and Antarctica, we are spending time looking at the geography of the cold regions of the world as well as looking at wildlife and habitats in these two areas to help us understand the concept of survival. We will also be looking into the history of the areas looking particularly at Captain Robert Falcon Scott who was part of ‘The Race to the South Pole’. We are really excited about our trip to Marwell Zoo so we are able to look at real life wild animals and learning more about them.

In the second half of the Spring Term the Wolf Pack will be looking at Fairy Tales for their topic both traditional and more abstract. Therefore the class will be unpicking what makes a good fairy tale with themes and memorable characters. As the children enjoy their artwork so much, we will be delving into famous landscape artists and their works and being able to look at, evaluate and have our own opinion about them. Finally we will be re-creating a famous piece on canvas that we hope to place in a gallery for patrons to view.

Our trip to Marwell Zoo
how tall are we Saying hello to a snake
How tall are we?  Saying hello to a snake!
 Watching the penguins  Whos more interested
 Watching the penguins  Who's more interested?





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